These days, theory and technology about “Computing” are used in various situations, and are moreover expected to be developed for solving many kinds of social problems.  In particular, the research field of data science and artificial intelligence (AI) is focused important for leading such development.  Due to such background, Tokyo Institute of Technology came to establish, aiming at being the top level research hub of this field, data science / artificial intelligence research group for solving socially important problems, as a university supporting innovation research promotion organization, mainly directed by School of Computing.  Our organization will aim at attacking socially important problems with cooperation of our School’s many capable professors, closely working together with the industry, using multilateral approaches of data science and AI.  We will also develop human resources to play active roles in the field.  We greatly appreciate for all the concerned, and would like to ask you for continuous cooperation.

Hidehiko Masuhara
Dean, School of Computing
Tokyo Institute of Technology